Industrial meat slicers

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Select the blade, the area, the product to be sliced or the type of machine, the system will find the best slicer for your needs.

About Kolossal

The Kolossal line is the top of the range among commercial meat slicers produced by Manconi, and it perfectly expresses the dual values of tradition and innovation: the strength coming from long experience and the ability to look forward. The exceptional performance of these slicers relies on the top quality materials and the state-of-the-art slicing mechanism. Kolossal’s gear-driven transmission models are the best available on the market.

How to choose your industrial meat slicer

These machines include different features to meet the needs of different activities. You can choose among different blade sizes: from 250 to 330 mm, according to the dimension of the product you’re slicing. You can choose between vertical and gravity slicers: vertical slicers with a TC plate are recommended to slice meat, whereas for deli and cold cuts you can choose both gravity and vertical models. In addition, some Kolossal slicers have special treatments to provide the best results when slicing a particular kind of food.

All the industrial meat slicers of the Kolossal line are equipped with a built-in sharpener ready to use. Like all the commercial meat slicers by Manconi USA, they are designed and created in compliance with current regulations regarding safety and hygiene.

Customize your commercial meat slicer

All the Kolossal models can have their colors customized. You can choose your favorite color for the knobs and other plastic parts, or you can order a fully painted slicer. On request, Manconi USA can paint its commercial meat slicers with a moisture and corrosion resistant coating, which also adds to the visual impact. A painted slicer is a valuable addition to your store, your restaurant or your supermarket.