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About Kolossal Dual

The Kolossal Dual line is a restyling of some professional meat slicers belonging to the Kolossal line. Keeping the high quality standards of Kolossal, this line has an appealing and modern design featuring more rounded shapes. The electric power, the high quality materials, and smooth slicing mechanism make the Kolossal Dual line the best option for those who are looking for an even more durable and reliable machine.

The best professional meat slicers

Kolossal Dual machines are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge professional meat slicers on the market. These slicers embody all the best features of the previous models: the word Dual means double, like the double choice of built in or separate sharpener, and the gear or belt transmission.

The result is a brand new machine, a versatile professional meat slicer that can be customized both from an aesthetic point of view and technically. There are many options available with this new generation of Kolossal.

Customize your professional meat slicer

You can customize your machine by choosing the color for the knobs and other plastic components, or by ordering a painted slicer. The first option is the easiest and most convenient to add a touch of color to your professional meat slicer, but the second one creates a stunning effect that will catch the eye of your customers. Manconi USA paints its slicers with a corrosion- and moisture-resistant glossy coating that enhances all the qualities of the machine and creates a beautiful piece. Contact us for any special requests!