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Manconi USA deli slicers are synonymous with reliability, convenience and incredible precision in slicing. They are designed to occupy a small space and look great at the same time!

Suggested deli slicers

Manconi USA’s deli slicers¬†are the ideal tool for those who are looking for compactness, reliability, maximum cutting precision, and safety for the operator.

Made from the best materials with the newest technology, Manconi deli meat slicers are professional machines for delicatessens and the perfect choice for those who will need a long-lasting machine that can guarantee the perfect cut.


The advantages of a Manconi deli slicer

Every deli slicer designed by Manconi features some professional qualities that make it an efficient, resistant and safe tool to use with a wide range of products to slice.

  • The exceptional smoothness of all our deli slicers makes the work of the operator simpler and lighter. It also benefits the cleaning procedures.
  • Thanks to their many removable parts, deli slicers facilitate cleaning of the individual elements but also of their main frame.
  • All the machines are designed to occupy a small space thanks to their compact design, and look great at the same time! Manconi deli slicers have rounded, modern and customizable details, such as different colors and knobs to make them the perfect piece of furniture in their work environment.
  • All of our electric slicers for delis are safe and manufactured in compliance with current European legislation. Manconi slicers are the perfect ally for those who are looking for quality in slicing, reliability and practicality.

Customize your deli slicer

Add a touch of color to your deli slicer: it will catch the attention of your customers and increase the appeal of your store. Manconi slicers can be customized with your choice of personalized knobs and other plastic parts, or by painting the whole body with a moisture and corrosion-resistant colored coating.

The second choice gives the best results as far as design is concerned. With a colored coating, a deli slicer becomes a beautiful part of the furnishing and endows your store with a professional and high-quality appearance.


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