Frozen meat slicers

Frozen meat slicers with excellent grip, cutting precision and ease of use.

Suggested slicers

Manconi USA offers a range of frozen meat slicers that are the ideal tool for cutting any kind of semi-frozen or frozen meat (-5° C) without bones, such as chicken breast, rump, boneless beef and others. All frozen products share a particular consistency that requires a strong hold and a powerful slicing mechanism to guarantee uniform and precise results.

The features of a good frozen meat slicer

A professional frozen meat slicer must have some key features that guarantee these outstanding results. In particular, Manconi slicers for frozen meat are designed with:

  • Serrated blade: this type of blade is essential on slicers that have to cut hard products such as frozen meat. It is a powerful tool designed to give clean and precise cuts even on the hardest food.
  • Excellent smoothness of the plate: to reduce the effort of the operator and ease cleaning procedures.
  • Removable components: the many removable components facilitate the cleaning operations from the liquids and fats released by the frozen meat when sliced. In addition, some frozen meat slicers are equipped with a separate sharpener that makes the cleaning procedure around the blade much easier.
  • European certification: all the slicers for frozen and semi-frozen meat are produced in accordance with the most strict European regulations. They are safe and reliable, easy to use and employ safe materials: they are made with a special stainless steel alloy that resists rust and corrosion.

Besides, Manconi frozen meat slicers can be color customized according to RAL codes, and represent a modern design that complements any workspace.

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