Cooked meat slicers

Slicers for roasts, roast beef, precooked food, precooked meat: a line of commercial slicers for any kind of precooked meat, both soft and hard.

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Manconi USA created a line of professional cooked meat slicers, ideal for precisely cutting products such as roastsroast beefcooked meat and ready meals. All the slicers are designed to cut both soft and hard cooked meat, with perfect results in any condition.

Cooked meat slicers are designed in compliance with European regulations, guaranteeing the maximum level of safety and hygiene during use. The range of machines include smart solutions for small food shops and stores, or bigger and more professional slicers for customers that need to slice a great quantity of cooked meat and similar products daily.

Roast beef slicers

Among the various kinds of cooked meet, roast beef is worth mentioning because it requires a specific type of slicer. When you cut roast beef, you first have to hold it steady and then cut it perpendicularly.

Therefore, you need proper roast beef slicers:

  • with a firm grip
  • that allow you to cut regular and uniform slices

To get a better idea, let’s take a look at some features of a roast beef slicer by Manconi USA, like the 350 IK Dual machine, a gravity feed slicer qualified to cut cooked meet.

It is equipped with:

  • a tilted plate to assist the user
  • 350 mm blade diameter to cut roast beef slices of the desired thickness – from 0 to 24 mm
  • a wide frame for the product
  • gear box or belt transmission
  • different blade speed – 230 rpm for belt transmission, 200 rpm for gear transmission
  • cutting capacity of Ø 252 mm

Plus, the sharpener, blade guard, deflector and plate are all removable for easy cleaning.

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The advantages of cooked meat slicers by Manconi USA

Each slicer is designed with specific features to produce the best results when slicing cooked meat, precooked food and similar products. The main problem when cutting these foods is mainly hygienic, as cooked meat releases liquids, fats and salt that, in the long run, may corrode the slicing mechanism and prevent good results.

To solve this problem, Manconi designed its cooked meat slicers with many removable components that make cleaning operations more comfortable, quick and easy. In addition, high quality stainless steel boasts great resistance to rust and corrosion.

Some prominent benefits of these slicers are:

  • No waste of meat, thanks to the high precision slicing mechanism.
  • Excellent cutting speed to speed up slicing operations.
  • Smoothness of the surfaces, good grip of the meat and reduced loading height: all of these ease the job of the operator and guarantee the utmost ease of use of the slicer.
  • Cooked meat slicers feature a compact design that make them suitable for butchers, grocers, supermarkets and small food stores that do not have large workspaces. Cooked meat slicers are compact and can be easily positioned on small counters.
  • Finally, these machines are color customizable on the main frame and its knobs.

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