Bread slicers

These bread slicers are equipped with a serrated knife, specifically for bakeries who need an efficient way to slice bread.

Suggested slicers

Manconi developed a line of bread slicers specifically designed for bakery products. The serrated blade makes it possible to cut homogeneous slices of all  different types of bakery products. The best result are produced with compact bread.


Bread slicers are perfect for bakeries, bars and locations that need professional support to speed up bread cutting and slicing. Thanks to their features, Manconi slicers for bread are among the best machines on the market to slice bakery products.

Bread slicers: features and advantages

Manconi bread slicers are strongsilentreliable and are guaranteed to be a professional time saver! They are easy-to-use machines that speed up the work and reduce operational time without sacrificing safety and reliability. In addition, they are compact and suitable for small spaces.

Manconi slicers boast a modern design that can make the most of any workplace: the rounded lines, along with the ability to customize the colors – according to RAL codes – allow these slicers to complement the décor of any shop, bar, or restaurant.

Finally, Manconi’s bread slicers are practical and functional. The plate is smooth and designed with ergonomic shapes to ease the sliding of the bread and cutting procedure. Furthermore, the slicers are designed to simplify cleaning procedures thanks to their many removable parts, allowing for a deeper clean and the fast elimination of any single remaining crumb and crust.

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