Slicers for cheese

Manconi food slicers for cheese are designed for both hard and semi-hard cheese slicing, and are provided on request with special treatments on the surface to facilitate the sliding of the cheese.

Suggested slicers

Manconi electric food slicers for cheese are a specific line of machines designed for all the food shops, deli stores, supermarkets, and restaurants that require accurate slicing of a wide range of cheeses. In particular, food slicers for cheese are designed to slice hard cheeses and semi-hard ones.

On request, the slicers can be made with a special treatment that facilitates the sliding of the product on the machine surface, which makes a smooth cutting process, even for uneven and coarse cheese.

Advantages of Manconi’s electric food slicers for cheese

Manconi designed our cheese slicers by taking into account some specific features to guarantee the best results. Cheese is quite different from any other food product and requires specific precautions to be sliced in an efficient and uniform way. Manconi food slicers for cheese provide:

  • Quick and easy maintenance, thanks to the removable components
  • Reduced loading height to facilitate the operator
  • Precise slicing results and minimized waste of the product
  • Versatility in slicing a wide range of hard and semi-hard cheeses
  • Electric food slicers for cheese are optimized for both large amounts of products to slice and small or medium quantities
  • Manconi food slicers for cheese are all manufactured in accordance with European standards
  • Latest generation materials and operating mechanisms employed in the slicers’ construction
  • Rust and corrosion resistance thanks to the stainless steel alloy

Thanks to all these qualities, these electric food slicers for cheese guarantee the maximum level of safety during cutting operations. In addition, the machines can be customized with functional and aesthetic options like colors, integrated scales, automatic switch off to save energy, blade extractor and other options.

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