Deli slicers

Manconi deli slicers are designed to slice, with maximum cutting precision, any type of sausage, cold cut, salami and deli product.

Suggested slicers

deli slicer is the perfect business tool to meet the needs of food stores, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants who need to slice, easily and accurately, a fair amount of deli and sausages. Manconi’s deli slicers are designed to meet the specific needs of all these activities, guaranteeing exceptional results with minimum effortwithout any waste of product.

Prosciutto slicers

Prosciutto slicers are some of the most requested machines of our deli slicers line. A prosciutto slicer is specifically designed to cut soft prosciutto without bone, creating uniform and precise slices without breaking the meat, even when particular thinness is required. These slicers guarantee a firm and steady hold on small and large pieces, thanks to their wide plate with pins that hold prosciutto in the right position during cutting operations.

Cold cut slicers

Manconi cold cut slicers provide a professional tool to slice great quantities of cold cuts, delicatessen and small cheeses with flawless results, guaranteeing consistent quality even after long and frequent operation. Cold cut slicers feature excellent resistance to corrosion when in contact with salty and wet foods, excellent grip on different products, and versatility in slicing any kind of delicatessen.

Deli slicers: features and advantages

Besides specific differences between the models, all the deli slicers by Manconi share some key features that make them some of the best in the field, ideal for professionals who look for quality and efficiency. Among the advantages are:

  1. Precise slicing in every situation, thanks to the high-quality finish of the blade
  2. Silent mechanism to improve comfort for the operator
  3. Compact size, to fit limited spaces in small shops and deli stores
  4. Powerful and functional, thanks to the electric powered engine
  5. High smoothness of the plate to ease the slicing operation, even with rough deli products
  6. Easy cleaning thanks to the many removable parts
  7. Highly customizable – in the color of the machine and its knobs

In addition, the elegant design with rounded lines makes these deli slicers a great supplement to a store’s appliances, particularly in areas where customers can see them. All of our deli slicers, prosciutto slicers and cold cut slicers are made in compliance with the most strict European regulations on safety and hygiene.

Deli slicers: Smarty or Kolossal?

Manconi slicers for delicatessen, cold cuts, cheese and prosciutto are available in two lines: the Smarty Line and Kolossal Line. The Smarty Line includes smaller machines with an excellent quality-price ratio, ideal for deli stores and shops who need a reliable slicer for a wide range of applications. The Kolossal Line, on the other hand, includes our top-level deli slicers, designed for superior performance and exceptional resistance even for the most heavy-duty operations.

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