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Frozen meat slicers

Frozen meat slicers with excellent grip, cutting precision and ease of use

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Commercial meat slicers

Manconi meat slicer machines boast excellent grip on fresh meat, cutting precision and ease of use. Manconi introduces the line of commercial slicers designed to cut fresh meat, also in huge portions, with precision and efficiency.

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Slicers for cheese

Manconi food slicers for cheese are designed to guarantee both hard and semi-hard cheese slicing, and are provided on request with special treatments on the surface to facilitate the sliding of the cheese.

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Slicers for bread

Slicers for bread are equipped with serrated knife, specific for slicing compact bread and perfect for any need of bakeries and bars.

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Ham slicers

Manconi ham slicers guarantee firm grip, reliable slicing results, reduced effort for the operator and eliminate the problem of wasted product.

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Deli slicers

Manconi deli slicers are designed to slice, with the maximum cutting precision, any type of sausage and cold cut, salami and deli products.

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Cooked meat slicers

Slicers for roasts, roast-beef, precooked food, precooked meat: a line of commercial slicers for any kind of precooked meat, both soft and hard ones

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Slicers for vegetables

Manconi presents electric food slicers for vegetables. A line of professional machines for food stores, HO.RE.CA., delicatessens and supermarkets.

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Slicers for fish

Electric food slicers for fish: Manconi slicers for fresh or frozen fish have special surface treatments and are equipped with special blades for high accuracy in slicing.

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