Slicers for fish

Manconi slicers for fresh or frozen fish have special surface treatments and are equipped with specific blades for high accuracy in slicing.

Suggested slicers

Manconi is proud to introduce its line of electric food slicers for fish. It is a range of slicers for fresh and frozen fish, meeting the needs of fish shops, supermarkets, deli stores that need a tool to speed up and improve fish slicing.

Manconi food slicers for fish are strongsilentaccurate, and treated to resist the corrosion that may happen because of the continuous contact with salt present in fish.

Details of our electric food slicers for fish

These slicers are ideal for all fish with a solid consistency that are boneless. They also come with a special serrated blade that allows precise cutting and no waste, such as swordfish or tuna both fresh and frozen slices.

Food slicers for fish are provided with:

  • A blade and a mechanism that allow to perfectly slice without difficulties both fresh and frozen fish, even the large sized ones. The result is really regular in terms of homogeneity, weight and thickness of the slices.
  • Smoothness of the plateergonomic setting that simplifies the work of the operator, energy saving options.
  • Removable parts that allow a safe, deep and fast washing of every single component of the machine. Especially when dealing with salty food such as fish, we recommend to regularly clean the machine to guarantee steady performance over time and long lasting life to the slicer.
  • If required, electric food slicers for fish can also be customized with aesthetic options like colors on the main frame or knobs according to RAL codes, in order to make the slier a complete part of the furnishing that can enhance the working area.

Manconi professional slicers are produced and certified according to the current European standards.

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