Slicers for Butcheries

Manconi USA presents a line of slicers for meat, providing an excellent grip for fresh meat and maximum cutting precision for a flawless result.

Suggested slicers

These professional slicers for meat are designed specifically to slice fresh butchery products. The special mechanical finishing of the machines allows a very firm hold on the meat to slice, and the large carriage allows for significant portions of fresh meat. With Manconi USA’s professional slicers for butchers, there is no waste of product.

Features of Manconi slicers for meat

Manconi slicers for meat are created with a series of features that ease the slicing process and make the machine perfect for professional use in butcheries.

  • A special slice support device allows this machine to avoid any waste, and to cut very thin slices in perfect shapes, without fraying.
  • Manconi’s professional slicers for meat are made with high quality materials and use the best technology. They are the best choice when a long lasting working tool is needed.
  • This series of electric meat slicers is also available with a separate sharpener. This choice allows for more accurate, safe and quick cleaning of the whole area around the blade.
  • Our slicers for meat are designed to facilitate the job of the operator with exceptional smoothness of the plate and easy cleaning. Thanks to the many removable components, it is possible to detach them easily and deep clean the slicer from food and liquid residue.

These slicers are also aesthetically customizable – choose the colors of the main frame and the knobs for an even more attractive design!

All our machines comply with the current European standards.

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